Dog License


 You may purchase a dog license in the County Treasurer's office, which is located on the first floor of the courthouse or purchase a license online at:
Annual Dog License 
Type   Regular Fee Person with Disability or Senior Citizen Fee 
 Male  $8.50  $6.50
Neutered Male  $6.50   $4.50
Female  $8.50   $6.50
Spayed Female   $6.50  $4.50

Lifetime Dog License Fee
Type  Regular Fee   Person with Disability or Senior Citizen Fee
 Male  $51.50  $31.50
 Neutered Male  $31.50  $21.50
 Female  $51.50  $31.50
 Spayed Female  $31.50  $21.50
Note: If purchasing a lifetime license your dog must receive either a microchip or tattoo license.