最靠谱的网堵软件律师协会(BCBA)是最靠谱的网堵软件律师的地方协会,也是宾夕法尼亚州律师协会的“单位县”. 最靠谱的网堵软件律师协会章程于9月14日通过, 1979年1月11日生效, 1980. 最靠谱的网堵软件律师协会于8月5日在宾夕法尼亚州注册成为一家非营利性公司, 1991.

如8月10日通过的BCBA章程所述, 1992, the 最靠谱的网堵软件律师协会 was established to advance the science of juris prudence; to publish a legal newspaper, 最靠谱的网堵软件法律杂志, 发布法律规定的合法广告和公告, rule, 在最靠谱的网堵软件普通诉讼法院指定的法律报纸或官方法律期刊上发表的法院命令或命令, 宾西法尼亚.; to promote the administration of justice; to assist with the maintenance and operation of the Law Library in the Bedford County Courthouse; to engage in public relations activities to enhance the understanding of the public generally about the legal system; to promote the continuing legal education of the members of the association; to advise, assist, 推荐, and otherwise contribute toward effective operation of the Courthouse facilities; to advise, 向法院提供协助和建议, 适当的, with respect to the Court’s rule-making capacity and powers; to uphold the honor and dignity of the profession; to cultivate cordial intercourse among the members of the association; to perpetuate the history of the profession in the memory of its members; and such kindred and related purposes as are reasonably derivative to the foregoing general statement of purposes.

最靠谱的网堵软件律师协会的活跃成员由在宾夕法尼亚州最高法院有良好信誉的律师组成,他们在最靠谱的网堵软件拥有一个主要或主要的法律实践办公室, 或实质上受雇为由他人维持的此类事务所的律师. BCBA还增加了一个“准会员”类别,即与最靠谱的网堵软件的法律实践有合理联系的会员. (更多信息请参见BCBA章程.)希望成为最靠谱的网堵软件律师协会会员的个人可向BCBA秘书提交书面入会申请,说明与其会员资格有关的事实和情况.